IMPORTANT – Twitter Scripter

Twitter Scripter is no longer available on the App Store (thanks to those of you who let me know about this!) This means that the Tweet While You Talk scripts will not work…  I’ll do my best to find a way round this so keep watching the website for updates. Thanks for your support!

Tweet While You Talk

So in the next few weeks you’ll see a few cosmetic changes on the site – Tweets for Keynote and Powerpoint will become known as Tweet While You Talk and the pages and links to it here will be updated accordingly. I’m aware of a few issues using this on Mac OS X El Capitan … Read more

RCEM15 Posters

Myself (@DrJHurley) and Andrew Baillie (@andybaillie1980) are presenting three posters at this year’s RCEM Conference (@RCEM15).  They’ve come from some work which we did on the challenges of becoming a Middle Grade doctor in Emergency Medicine.  We’re going to write the full details up later in the year, but we wanted to share some key … Read more

Make your iOS presentations look as good as the desktop

If, like me, you’ve been following the presentation revolution that’s been championed on Twitter by people like Natalie May (@_NMay) and Ross Fisher (@ffolliet and then you’ll know that bullet points are out, and punchy images and fonts are in.  You might even have tried something like Canva ( to make creating stylish presentations even easier. But there can be some problems in translation of your masterpieces to the iPhone and iPad.

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Tweets for PowerPoint v1.2

NEW! Now you can Tweet while you are giving a presentation with PowerPoint for Mac. Tweets for PowerPoint v1.2 is now available.

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Tweets for Keynote v1.2

Version 1.2 of Tweets for Keynote is now available! You can now include an image with your Tweet – all sent while you are giving your Keynote presentation.

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Tweets for Keynote v1.1

I’m proud to present version 1.1 of Tweets for Keynote – a set of scripts that will allow you to write Tweets into the Keynote presentations you give.

This is still very much a work in progress so my advice would be to test this before you need it with a test Twitter account!

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