Timelines, Finding and Following People

Connecting with other people is the key to using Twitter effectively.

This article will explain:

  • What the Twitter timeline is
  • How to find people on Twitter
  • How to follow people on Twitter

The Timeline

Twitter Timeline
The timeline is at the heart of Twitter.

The timeline is the heart of Twitter, and is the home page when you sign in to your Twitter account.  This is where Tweets and retweets from people that you follow show up along with your own Tweets.

Tweets are shown in time order, with the most recent at the top.  The timeline will update in real-time as new Tweets are available.  The timeline may also include adverts and marketing Tweets – don’t worry about this, it’s just part of the way Twitter works!

Finding People

To make the most of Twitter, you’ll need to find people and organisations that interest you.

On the Twitter website, there is a Search Twitter box in the upper right corner of the webpage. You can search for users, organisations, phrases, keywords or hashtags in this box.

Twitter search box
Twitter search box


As you type, a list of suggested results will drop down.  Click on one of these results to be taken to the appropriate page.

Twitter search drop down list
As you type into the search box, a drop down list will show suggested matches


If you press the Enter key after typing your search terms, you will be taken to the full search results page.  This will show you people, Tweets and other links relevant to your search.  From here you can follow people or view their Tweets.

Twitter search results page
Twitter search results page

Following People

When you have found someone you want to follow, look for the Follow button.

Twitter Follow button
The Twitter Follow button

This is usually to the top right hand side of their Twitter user page.

Twitter profile Follow button
The Follow button is usually at the top right side of a Twitter profile

If you have searched for someone and have more than one result, the Follow button may be underneath the person’s profile.

Twitter search results will have a Follow button underneath them
Twitter search results will have a Follow button underneath them

Click the Follow button to follow that person.  Their Tweets will now automatically appear in your timeline so you can keep up to date with them.


Other people can also follow you to stay up to date with your Tweets and retweets.  If somebody follows you, you will receive a notification – this is by email (if you have not disabled it) and by a notification on the Notifications tab at the top of your Twitter profile page.

If you do not want that person to follow you (for example if it is a spam or advertising account) then you can block them by clicking on the ‘gear’ icon on their profile and choosing block.