Sending your own Tweets is the best way to get involved on Twitter. It couldn’t be easier!

How to Tweet

At the top of your own Twitter home page, you’ll see a box labelled What’s Happening?

The What's Happening? box
The ‘What’s Happening?’ box is where you can type your own Tweets

Click in the box and it will expand, ready for you to type your Tweet:

Type your Tweet into the box
Type your Tweet into the box…


You’ll notice a counter next to the Tweet button. This tells you how many characters you have left.  Tweets can be a maximum of 140 characters long.  This can include links to web sites, hashtags or any other characters you want to write.  As you type, the counter will count down telling you how many character you have left to use.

The counter tells you how many characters you have left

When you are ready to send your Tweet, click the Tweet button in the bottom right hand corner.

… and click Tweet to post your Tweet

You can also add pictures to your Tweet by clicking the Add photo or Media button – though this will use up some of your available characters by inserting the link to the uploaded picture.  The counter will keep you up to date about how many characters you have left in your Tweet.