Frequently Asked Questions about Tweets for Keynote and Tweets for PowerPoint

When I stop my slideshow and then restart it, some of my Tweets are not resent

Twitter check incoming Tweets to monitor for spam and if they detect that a Tweet has already been sent, they will not repeat it.  Tweets on slides that you have not already shown will be sent as normal.

Twitter does not specify what time period it considers to be acceptable to repeat a Tweet in.  See their help page here for more details.

My Tweets aren’t in the same order as on my slides

Tweets are sent when Tweets for Keynote or Tweets for PowerPoint detect new Tweets within the presenter notes for a slide.  However, there may be delays in communicating with Twitter or in Twitter adding the Tweet to your timeline which mean that some Tweets are posted out of sequence.  This shouldn’t be an issue where you spend a minute or two talking about each slide, but may be a problem if you Tweet from slides you move through rapidly.

My image is not Tweeted with my text

If an image fails to send with your Tweet, check the following:

  • Have you got the filename correct in your [image] tag?
  • Is the image file in your Pictures folder? For security reasons, only images in your own Pictures folder can be Tweeted.
  • Is it in a format supported by Twitter? JPG and PNG are the most widely supported image formats.